How to Create Viral Giveaways and Grow Your Brand Presence Using Upviral

Viral Giveaways are important to increase your brand's visibility and reach. Some of you might already be aware of what giveaways are, how to run them, and what kind of software tools to use. But in this article, let me discuss viral giveaways as well as the software I am using.

A lot of businesses nowadays run giveaways to get more followers on their Instagram or other social media platforms. They also use it for people to help share their posts or their page and have a much bigger reach and media presence. Well, I’ve been running a lot of giveaways for my clients too. Some of you might already be aware of what giveaways are, how to run them, and what kind of software tools to use. But in this article, let me discuss viral giveaways as well as the software I am using.

What are Viral Giveaways?

Viral giveaways are competitions that encourage people to enter for a chance to win a prize or selection of prizes.

Viral giveaways

You might be thinking about how it can help you improve your business. So let me discuss the benefits of running viral giveaways.

1. Viral giveaways can boost your revenue.

When running a giveaway, you may want to have viral results because of one reason–it can increase your sales. Giveaways can convert your leads into loyal, paying customers. It can also help you target qualified leads. Therefore you better use your service or product as the prize and just any random prizes.

The reason for this is when you just use any random prizes, people may join just because of it. Whereas if you include your products or services, a lot of people may join because they are interested in your brand.

2. It can build your community.

If you want to get your brand known, you must build a community. Building a community can be easy if you run your giveaway effectively. To do this, you must be wise on the actions that you will incorporate into your giveaways. You have to remember that people might not know about your brand until they have heard about it from their acquaintances or family. So one of the actions you can include is letting your participants share the posts on their own channels.

3. It builds brand awareness and visibility.

When people are starting to notice your giveaway, your brand is starting to get known too. You can use this opportunity to target them using a great content strategy that can nurture them.

Viral giveaways can also help you build your email list. You also need to consider having a great email marketing strategy as it can help you win your leads too.

4. It can increase engagement.

As you start to have more subscribers and followers, your engagement can also increase. People will start commenting and sharing your posts, especially if they find your products or services relevant to them. It can cause them to stick around and try to get more information about your product or services.

You have to make sure that you will make the engagement last and that includes targeting them via email or social media posts. The activity on your page must be consistent too and you have to stay active and responsive.

5. Viral giveaways can give a big impact on your brand.

The impact you have you can receive on giveaways is extremely big. Of course, you need some ad spend or influencers to get the ball rolling. But once it starts, the role really has this snowball effect.

How Viral Giveaways Nowadays Differ?

Let me discuss briefly the difference between the traditional type of giveaway and the giveaways that are common nowadays.

The common giveaways that you’ve seen on Instagram, Twitter, different social media platforms do not have a lot of actions that you can complete. It’s based on one platform and one end goal. Of course, the giveaway nowadays that are utilizing different software tools are also based on one end goal. However, you can customize it with multiple actions so that you can maximize that campaign once that visitor comes in.

For example, if you run a giveaway only on Instagram and you ask people to join by following, they’re going to leave. However, with a campaign where you utilize different software tools, you are able to build out a landing page and social share page that can help you utilize more actions for your giveaway.

Creating Viral Giveaways Using Upviral

There’s always a better tool coming out for every business’s operations, but in my case, I use Upviral for my viral giveaways. I will leave the link here so you can sign up for it:

Try Upviral!

Viral Giveaways Using Upviral

I’ve been using Upviral at my agency for our clients. I have multiple giveaways running right now.

Landing Page or Social Share Page

Now, what is a social share page? In Upviral, you can create a landing page wherein each user gets a unique referral link that they can share with their friends, their audience, their family. Using that link, they’re going to be given an extra number of points, whatever you decide to assign that to, ultimately leading them to go up the leaderboard and win that prize, whatever that prize may be.

Viral Giveaways Sample Landing Page
Saastronautics Giveaways 2020

The landing page has a drag and drop builder. So the drag and drop builder makes it super easy for you to build out your landing pages and make them pretty. But you’ll notice here that this is very beautiful.


The other cool thing about the social share page in this type of giveaway is you can customize the actions for your visitors or participants to complete certain actions that will help them increase their chance of winning. What do those actions mean or what can they be? They can be pretty much anything. So the more creative you are with it, the more fun it is for the participants, the better it is for you.

Just to give you an example, actions can be following an Instagram account, follow on Twitter, like our Facebook page, etc. It can also be leaving a comment or posting why you want to win this prize and a hashtag.

Viral Giveaways Sample Actions
Saastronautics Giveaways 2020 Actions


As you see earlier, the headline on the landing page is super simple and it shows what the participants can win. We add in some action or some more details on other prizes. In this giveaway, we did not just give one prize but a lot of prizes. So we have tied up with the best SaaS companies in the market. So we gave away a lot of software tools and we thought that was one that was highly successful.

Saastronautics Giveaways 2020 Partners

We also offered percentage discount codes based on the number of points that they win. We call them milestones prizes and they are applicable in Upviral. The reason why we’re not just giving away one prize is that someone like me if you check my YouTube and you see how many subscribers I have, I don’t have many.

I don’t have a big audience, so when viral giveaways are done and then the prize is given to the user or the participant with the highest number of points, most likely the person, if someone’s an influencer, they’re going to win.

Winner Selection

If the main prize is given to a random winner, I’m not joining because sometimes a lot of funny stuff happens anyway with random winners. I know I have a better chance of winning. So I want to join in, for example, Saastronautic’s last away. We gave away one hundred-something prize relevant to our brand and we picked the winner based on the number of points.

Ways of Joining

On the landing page, we find out what we can win. You can also add in buttons using the Upviral drop and down builder.

There are two ways to join. We have the social sign-in, so you can use Facebook or you can do email. The differences would be with social sign-in, it’s much more difficult to cheat the system because it’s tied directly to their Facebook ID. However, you also lose a lot of people because of Facebook, not everyone’s on Facebook or they don’t want to share that information–even though Facebook shares a lot of information or takes a lot of information.

Email Marketing

Saastronautics Giveaways 2020 Welcome Email

So as soon as you join in, you will get emails for the campaign. In our last giveaway, we have double opt-in. So they need to confirm or verify their email. If you are going to run a giveaway, you have to make sure that you are going to incorporating it with a great email marketing strategy. A simple reminder for the participants to do actions as well as giving them information on the status of the giveaway can be useful to win clients.

Start Strategizing for Your Own Giveaway

So if you’re looking to increase your social media presence, your brand presence, your brand awareness, one of the things that really help give you traction and a jumpstart for a much lower price would be giveaways.

I really believe that every company or almost every B2C company should definitely utilize giveaway campaigns and not just simple giveaways or the traditional type of giveaways or sweepstakes that we had talked about, but utilizing some of the tools or the software platforms for giveaways in order to maximize what you can get from each participant.

You do want to keep paying attention to your email list and keep that nice and clean because it’s not about the size. It is the quality of your audience. If I can pick, I would rather have one thousand email leads or one thousand subscribers on my list that all opened my email, engaged with me than having 100000 with 85 percent not caring.

I hope this article is helpful. If you need more help with your giveaway campaigns, feel free to leave a comment below.

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