The Most Effective Ways to Boost Conversion Rates in 2021 – What to Know

This Article explains about the Most Effective Ways to Boost Conversion Rates with 4 Different Techniques

Not everyone who sees your ad will visit your website, and not everyone who visits your website will make a purchase—it’s just the way it goes in the e-commerce world.

Back then, retailers employed different tactics to secure a sale. They used direct mail, catalogs, window displays, focus groups, surveys, and print ads. Now that we live in an internet-driven society, there are a plethora of conversion strategies that you can leverage to turn your visitors into paying customers.

To help you increase your conversions and generate more revenue, here are some tips that you can follow:

Understand your visitors better.

First things first, you need to gain some more in-depth insight into the people that you want to convert, AKA your visitors. There is a multitude of tools available today that can help you understand how they interact with your site. You can record, tag, and track every move they make, and even capture heat maps that give you a complete picture of which pages they are clicking and scrolling the most. Once you collect this data, the insights you yield will point you in the direction of growth opportunities and help you understand which products and information your visitors find the most valuable.

Use high-quality images and videos.

More often than not, high-quality photos and videos are the keys to attracting and converting customers. After all, when online shopping, the buyer cannot really touch or feel the product before making a purchase. The best thing you can do is provide detailed images or clips that can help them visualize the item they are getting. When you give shoppers the ability to view products from different perspectives, it makes them more inclined to buy. Additionally, it would also help if you add product-specific information, compelling product copy, ratings, and reviews—basically any other data that can help them make a smarter buying decision.

Use cart abandonment tools.

Surveys show that 69% of shopping carts are left abandoned, making cart abandonment the #1 cause of lost sales in online stores. If you find that many shoppers leave their carts, don’t lose hope. You can still save the sale and entice them to come back and complete the purchase.

One way of inviting back is utilizing tools that send reminders to shoppers that they left items in their carts. Maybe a little nudging is what they need to proceed with the purchase. As for minimizing abandonment, you can employ personalization, recommendation, and negotiation tactics.

Make your checkout process seamless.

Studies show that complicated checkout processes are responsible for 26% of cart abandonments. If customers find your checkout process confusing, there’s a chance that they lose patience and refuse to complete the purchase. Many customers are turned off by long, extremely complex, or unconventional checkout systems. Do your best to make it as short and as easy as possible, so your visitors would not have to exert much effort in buying.


There’s no point in generating leads if those leads don’t convert. Don’t allow your marketing efforts to be rendered futile. By following the tips above, you’ll have better conversion rates.

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