Digital Entrepreneurship, Digital Nomad-ism and Online Work Productivity & Efficiency

Entrepreneurship is about laying the groundwork of business, setting up a business, and running a business from scratch. It involves money, connections, and effort. Digital entrepreneurship allows consumers to know more about a specific brand, and in a way, it encourages transparency.

Digital Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is about laying the groundwork of business, setting up a business, and running a business from scratch. It involves money, connections, and effort. Deciding on this venture is a risky ‘business,’ nevertheless, a fruitful one if one goes all the way without compromising. However, the ugly truth to entrepreneurship is that not all who travel through this forest can make it out alive. We have seen and heard of only a few numbers of people who can succeed in this field.

But with the advent of technology, it allows anyone who has an interest in entrepreneurship with lesser risks. For example, a person can rely on the power of social media to advertise a brand or to reach out to the public who follow the brand. In many ways, digital entrepreneurship breaks down the barriers which prevent a person from venturing out into this business.

Digital entrepreneurship also allows consumers to know more about a specific brand, and in a way, it encourages transparency. With digital entrepreneurship, a lot of businesses and brands have taken up social media to advertise themselves and, in a way, has gotten down to ‘personal’ levels with the standard scale. About 40% of the total population who has access to the internet actively uses social media, and social media is a powerful media in reaching out to people of specific age ranges.

If an entrepreneur wants to set up a business using the power of digital technology, there are so many advantages in setting up a business using this platform.

1. Flexible hours:

One can design and advertise a brand from the comfort of their homes. There are no appointments that one needs to make, and therefore, an entrepreneur can rely on their time table to set up a business. Of course, more time needs to be spent on the design board and in laying the groundwork. But once the vision is set, the rest will follow easily as a breeze. 

2. Savings in cost:

Digital entrepreneurship allows a person to save costs in a lot of ways. When a person is setting up a business, the only way to get people’s attention is through advertising. Advertising plays a huge role in spreading the word to the world. It does not matter how good your brand is, but the first step in establishing a foothold in the business world is to grab the attention of the public.

It is also true that the advertisement does not come cheap. But with the internet, the possibilities are endless. With around 3 billion people in the world active in social media, an entrepreneur can hit success if they could just reach out to a quarter of 3 million. That could act as a catalyst, and the quality of the brand will speak by itself. This could all be done at the click of a button and making your content as enjoyable as possible.

It not only saves costs by a huge chunk, but it also provides a point of view to the creator on what needs to be done to gather more attention or what needs to improve.

3. Easy to track:

If people are buying stuff from your website or through your link, it will be easy to follow revenues since everything would be digitized. Even if people are not mainly purchasing things, you would be able to see how many people are interested in your brand or products through the number of views on your site or page.

The good thing about digital entrepreneurship is that one can reach out to the public on a personal level at the comfort of one’s home. And the same goes for when it comes to replying to customers or followers or interacting with them about any queries or complaints.

There are a few tips for beginners on how to make the most out of digital entrepreneurship.

1. Making use of online tools:

There are various SEO tools online, some are free, and some are not, but these tools will help you guarantee attention from a large group of people. People are online for a lot of reasons, and one of the reasons include passing the time. The SEO tools will help promote your brand or business through some specific keywords or jargon, and it will show up in the feed of unsuspecting people. Curious people or interested people may click on the link, and who knows, they might become a fan!

The bottom line is, there is no harm in using tools that would help get your page or site some extra pings.

2. Creating your niche:

There are so many digital entrepreneurs online that at some point, they all look the same; their aesthetics do not feel different from each other. The end of 2019 also marked the end of uniqueness. Therefore, to avoid that, it is a good idea to create your niche of a brand. Think about what kind of demographic you are aiming for with your brand, think about which specific age-group you are vying for. Create a design that would appeal to that generalization of the group, try to be yourself, and avoid copying from fellow digital entrepreneurs. Of course, it is a good idea to look for ideas and ask for advice, but make it your own.

Remember that breaking out and becoming popular takes its time, but make sure that you spend time in laying the foundation of your brand. This makes people rely on you for the stability of the brand and not because it is “in” for a short period. 

Digital Nomad-ism:

 We all probably know what a nomad is, and when we say nomad, we envision people that are not subjected to one place but move from one place to another. Being a nomad involves traveling a lot without settling in a single place.

Now add that concept only with the internet. Modern times have enabled people to be on the move while working. The only catch is that a digital nomad will not have a typical 9-to-5 job. More and more people are venturing out into the world to discover new places, and to be honest, it has become a status quo, especially with the popularity of airing out photographic proofs in social media.

But traveling does not come cheap, and neither does maintain a status quotation, but thanks to the internet, people have come up with the perfect plan of traveling while keeping a job!

Being a digital nomad allows the free-spirited to explore the various cultures and heritages and see the people of the world. Earlier, people had to wait to travel until they retire or they could save enough money. But, people now have the option to travel and make money all thanks to the internet. Digital nomad-ism has given rise to a new breed of people known as travel influencers or social media influencers where people get paid to travel and to write good reviews about a specific place.

The advantage of being a digital nomad can travel around the world. But the disadvantage is that there can be various cost imbalances between two places. In some places, one can experience premium treatment at a low cost, but there can be some places where prices would be high even for the most basic needs. There have been some cases where digital nomad-ism hasn’t worked out for some people and have given up on the dream of working while traveling. So, if you still want to make this a success, the right tip would be to be productive all the time.

Travelling rearranges the way we think, and when we get caught up in that moment, our brain goes into vacation mode. Yes, the sole reason for adopting digital nomad-ism was so that you would not be tied by the reality of waking up every day and going to the office, which has been there for the last 50 years or so and coming home to eat a cold dinner. But somebody needs to pay for a vacation, which is you.

While that reality might hit you in the head, feel lucky that you are not staring at the walls from your tiny cubicle. The right way to stay productive is to find an online job that you like. Some of the most common jobs for digital nomad are:

1. Writing:

There are so many online gigs that pay people a great deal of money for writing articles or reviews or just about anything. If you believe that you are a good writer, finding an online writing job that would suit your needs and your budget could buy you the ticket to the world.

2. Freelancing:

Freelancing would also include being a writer, but there are a lot of freelancing jobs that could pay you. People often opt for opening up a freelance business in their free time and go traveling with the profits. It all depends on the skill set that one possesses.

3. Virtual assistant:

Yes, one can be a virtual assistant in this day and age. This job requires a person to be an assistant to someone but just not by being physically present. This would involve checking and organizing the itinerary, scheduling appointments, and making reservations as well as bookings.

These are not the only options available as there are people out there who make a living by posting content online. The truth is, there is no hard and fast rule to which one should pertain to adopt this lifestyle as long as one knows how to pay for being a digital nomad.

Online Work Productivity and Efficiency:

If you are somebody who works online, then you are one of those few lucky people who have the privilege to earn money with your pajamas on. Not only that, one does not need to stick to office norms, nor does one need to keep strict timing about waking up at 6 am and coming home at 6 pm. This time flexibility can somehow encourage a person to procrastinate, and that is simply not acceptable as one needs to maintain a budget for a certain lifestyle.

But how does one practice online work productivity and efficiency when you don’t have a nosy boss looking over your shoulders all the time? Here are some few tips:

1. Create your workspace:

Working from the bedroom or the kitchen is simply not an option, because our brains are accustomed to those spaces as the space of comfort, love, and joy. Work is hardly that, and therefore one needs to assign a space just for work. Set up a desk with a comfortable chair (it’s yours, so you have the full freedom to get an ergonomic chair you want), set up your computer and your printer, and avoid placing things that would distract you. If you have children or pets at home, make sure that they are not allowed to enter the room to maintain the work decorum. This will free your mind from all sorts of distractions and would eventually give you the lift to start working.

2. Create a time-table:

There is the option of time-flexibility, but most people will fail to discipline themselves. And so, the right way would be to create a time-table where you would have to go to your office and start working. The good thing is, you don’t necessarily need to get up in the morning to shower and eat breakfast and dash off to find a taxi. If you are not a morning person, it is fine if you don’t maintain a typical work timing, but the important thing is that you set a strict timing where you have to get to work purely.

3. Dressing up for the job:

This sounds silly, but a lot of people have admitted to more productivity while working online if they make an effort to dress. Although it is impractical to wear heels and uncomfortable suits, getting up and making an effort to shower and wear something presentable before you get to your workspace will trigger your brain to think that it is serious time now.

4. Getting online productivity tools:

There are lots of tools online to increase your online work productivity and efficiency. Some tools will help you create an app for your employees if you run an online business. Some tools help you keep track of a list of things to do, and some tools would keep you organized, which would increase your productivity and efficiency.

Above all of these points, the essential thing that one needs to adopt for maximum efficiency and productivity is to adopt discipline. Discipline is a habit, and cultivating this habit will take anyone far and wide. 

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